PA Birding & Wildlife Watching Guide

Susq. birding trail

A revised and expanded online version of the Susquehanna River Birding & Wildlife Trail.

In 2010, Audubon Pennsylvania collaborated with Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania and Lehigh Gap Nature Center to transform the web-based Susquehanna River Birding and Wildlife Trail into the online Pennsylvania Birding and Wildlife Guide, offering viewers access to information about birding and wildlife-watching locations across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. (Watch for a GIS-based version of the online guide in the near future!)

By highlighting hiking and biking trails, public lands, nature preserves, lakes and rivers, and scenic drives, this resource introduces you to the many natural wonders found in Pennsylvania including old growth forests, lush wetlands, the ridges and valleys of the Appalachians, plateaus, grasslands, lakes, ponds, and river systems.

Nationally, bird watching is one of the fastest growing forms of outdoor recreation. You can encourage and support this growth, and help promote conservation and natural resource protection and restoration by visiting these sites, patronizing local establishments, and educating others about birds, wildlife, and our precious habitats.

Pennsylvania Birding and Wildlife Guide will eventually be a compilation of three separately published guide books: (note that the online guide currently does not include the western birding sites.)


Western Pennsylvania Bird and Wildlife Guide
This guide identifies more than 60 locations in 21 counties in western Pennsylvania including the Ohio River watershed, Allegheny National Forest, and Lake Erie.

For more information, please contact: Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania, Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve, 614 Dorseyville Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15238. Phone: (412) 963-6100, Fax: (412) 963-6761,

Eastern Pennsylvania Birding & Wildlife Guide
This guide identifies nearly 90 locations in 13 counties in eastern Pennsylvania, including the Schuylkill and Delaware River watersheds.

To order a copy send a $10.00 check, payable to "Lehigh Gap Nature Center" to: Dan Kunkle, Lehigh Gap Nature Center, P.O. Box 198, Slatington, PA 18080. To learn where to obtain a free copy, visit

We hope your birding and wildlife experiences will be memorable!

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