Audubon At Home

Learn how to make your home and community a bird-friendly place to live!

Have you made efforts to connect with nature, to live lighter on the land, to invite and increase biodiversity in your surroundings, to reduce toxins and volatile compounds from your existence, to share space with birds and other wildlife, to reduce non-essential consumption?  If you answered yes to any of these you have experienced Audubon living!  Here are some exciting programs at Audubon Pennsylvania that will help with your continuing journey.

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What Plant for Which Bird – Simple tools for targeted landscape choices
Check out the new Plant-Bird online search tool to help create a one-stop shopping list of native plants for your bird garden. And get the free companion “10 Great Plants for an Ecological Landscape in Pennsylvania” pocket guide. Brought to you by Audubon At Home, iConservePA, and TogetherGreen.
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Bird Habitat Recognition Program
Engaging in sustainable landscaping will increase your chances of encountering the wonders of nature on a daily basis. Registering your property with Audubon Pennsylvania will ensure that you get up-to-the-minute information on events in your region and opportunities to interact with experts and like-minded landowners around the state. It’s free to register. Adding a yard sign will pique the interest of your neighbors!
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Audubon At Home
Six simple principles that lead to better ecological address and a greener “you.”

1. Plant natives
2. Remove invasive plants
3. Reduce or eliminate synthetic pesticides
4. Conserve water
5. Protect water quality
6. Protect the birds and wildlife call your property home

Audubon At School
For every child that does not encounter real nature on a regular basis, we lose a steward for the future. That’s why Audubon travels the state promoting schoolyard habitats (elementary and middle schools) and outdoor laboratories (colleges and universities) – so that nature comes to the campus to be nurtured, studied, and preserved. 

Audubon At Work
Studies have shown that workers who have access to a view of nature or to the physical greenspace itself, have reduced negative emotions and greater positive feelings which result in greater productivity. That’s why Audubon is working to inform business landscapes and encouraging the inclusion of bird-friendly native plant communities in foundation plantings and landscape masterplans. In the end, it could save thousands of landscape maintenance dollars.

Bird Town PA
Imagine—an entire community working to be more sustainable and bird-friendly!

Audubon Advisors
Teams of trained volunteers will come to your residence, school, or business and offer advice on creating a native-based sustainable landscape plan that will invite life into the yard. More info coming soon. 

Important Bird Area VIPs
Properties located within an IBA can have marked conservation impacts. Learn about IBAs and what you can do to address birds of conservation concern.

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