How Does My Municipality Become a Bird Town?

Find out how your community can benefit by becoming a Bird Town!

The following is required to become a Bird Town:

  1. A completed Bird Town Application. (See Downloadable Resources below)
  2. The municipalities agree to work with Audubon to immediately promote their Bird Town status by:
    1. Publishing the “Welcome to Bird Town” article in next available newsletter
    2. Creating a Bird Town webpage on the municipal website
    3. Posting at least five street signs (provided) and one banner (see fee options below)
    4. Providing Audubon with local press contacts to promote Bird Town Backyard Workshop dates
    5. Making outreach materials available to the public
  3. Assign a “captain” or point person to act as liaison between the “town” and Audubon and coordinate promotional opportunities and related events.
  4. Presence at, and promotion of a Bird Town Festival. This may be a regional festival, a stand-alone municipal festival, or as part of an existing eco-fest or community day
  5. At least five of the Qualifying Criteria listed on the application.
  6. Selection of a program fee option

Downloadable Resources

How you can help, right now

Audubon Maryland-DC and Audubon Pennsylvania have joined forces to become Audubon Mid-Atlantic.