Watershed Reading

Articles, celebrations, and resources about the Delaware River Watershed

1. Have you heard the good news? The Delaware River was recently named “River of the Year” by our partners at American Rivers. Read more about the designation here. 

2. Have you been exploring your local waterways? Whether you hike, paddle, fish, bike or walk, through these waterways, let the birds Guide you! Read this article from our partners at Green Philly to learn how to enjoy waterways safely this summer. 

3. Dismal Run? Mud Pond? Learn more about how waterways are named… or not. 

4. What do you call a trout with feathers? A Louisiana Waterthrush! Read more about the moniker for one of our watershed focal species here. 

5. We’re getting the band back together! The Urban Waters Partnership for the Delaware River Watershed is reconvening, and Audubon is a key partner! You can read more about the Partnership’s guiding principles here.

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