Bird Habitat Recognition Program

Bird Habitat Recognition Program

Welcome! To Audubon Pennsylvania's Bird Habitat Recognition program, featuring...

  • No property size limits!

  • Sign included with initial registration! (9" x 12", Metal) *

  • Forum password: Enter a community of "conservation" gardeners and citizen scientists!

  • Homes, schools, businesses, parks, and public land!

  • Healthy Yards that are easy on birds, babies and bank accounts

  • Business discount card good at businesses across the state

    Membership is just $20 per year!

    "Improving the quality of land for wildlife is the single most constructive step we can take to assist wild bird populations."
    ~ Stephen Kress, Audubon Biologist

Birds need your help! No matter the size, your property can be valuable habitat and contribute to bird conservation. Begin with native plants to provide food (insects and plant), cover, and nesting sites. Add some other key elements like water and you're on your way! Then, register your property with Audubon Pennsylvania and receive the recognition you and your property deserve! Join a growing community of people across the state that garden with ecology in mind. Combined efforts will result in a better Pennsylvania for birds, butterflies, and people.

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