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Pennsylvania's Important Bird Area Program

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Audubon is among the nation’s leading voices for the use of sound science to inform conservation actions and public policies. Birds are excellent indicators of ecosystem health and Audubon’s work in Pennsylvania focuses on conserving the diversity and abundance of native bird life and, consequently, protecting Pennsylvania’s environment for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biodiversity.

In Pennsylvania, Audubon’s actions strive to identify and conserve our highest priority and most threatened bird species and habitats. We are also focused on protecting habitat for state “responsibility” species; species that have a high percentage of their global populations in Pennsylvania. Audubon maintains professional partnerships with government agencies, academia, and other non-profits to ensure that our efforts are guided by the most current and thorough scientific assessments.

Audubon Pennsylvania works with local Audubon chapters, government agencies, and other conservation groups toward the protection and proper management of Important Bird Areas and other priority habitats.

Audubon Pennsylvania’s work includes:

  • Conservation of Important Bird Areas. These sites, designated by the Pennsylvania Ornithological Technical Committee, are the most critical regions in the Commonwealth for conserving bird diversity and abundance, and are the primary focus of Audubon Pennsylvania’s conservation efforts.
    • One area where Audubon has been particularly active is the Kittatinny Ridge, a major migratory raptor corridor located in eastern and central Pennsylvania.
  • Working with public and private landowners to improve management for birds.
    • Audubon At Home gives homeowners, schools and parks the resources they need to provide better bird habitat. Interested landowners can register with the Bird Habitat Recognition Program.
    • Advising state agencies, land trusts, and others on the management of critical bird habitats.
  • Encouraging the use of citizen science to inform our conservation actions.
    • Pennsylvania eBird allows birdwatchers of all skill levels to enter their observations from any day and any spot on the globe. Of highest value are repeated observations from a single location, whether it be your backyard, a local park, or an Important Bird Area.
    • The Christmas Bird Count, now in its second century, is an annual event held in many locations across Pennsylvania and the Western Hemisphere. Find your local count by contacting your local Audubon chapter, contact the coordinator, and join the fun this year.
    • A number of other opportunities are available through National Audubon Society and our partners at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. See all of the programs at BirdSource.

Looking for information on birds and birdwatching in Pennsylvania?
You’ve come to the right place. A great place to start is by checking out the Pennsylvania Birding and Wildlife Guide. Many locations in the guide are Important Bird Areas. Another great resource on birding locations is available through the Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology. For information on what birds are found in your area of interest, use the “View and Explore Data” tab on Pennsylvania eBird.

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