David Curson

Director, Coastal Program

David Curson has worked as Director of Bird Conservation for Audubon in Maryland since 2004, covering many aspects of bird conservation in the state.These include leading efforts to protect, manage and monitor bird habitats across Maryland’s network of Important Bird Areas, and coordinating grassroots advocacy on issues and legislation affecting birdsthrough actions including the annual “I Bird, I Vote” summit. Dave leads Audubon’s coastal resilience program in Maryland, partnering with a wide variety of organizations to implement projects to prevent the loss of saltmarshes to climate-driven sea level rise and to safeguard endangered beach-nesting seabirds. Dave completed his graduate studies in Wildlife Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where his research focused on the ecology and behavior of the parasitic Brown-headed CowbirdHe currently represents Audubon on the Management Board of the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture and the Management Committee of Maryland’s Dredged Material Management Program.

Audubon Maryland-DC and Audubon Pennsylvania have joined forces to become Audubon Mid-Atlantic.