Marcy Engleman

Senior Coordinator, Conservation Education

Marcy Engleman is thrilled to be joining the Audubon team, being a life-long bird lover! Marcy has almost 30 years experience in museum based education. She spent 14 years as the Manager of School and Scout Programs at The Philadelphia Zoo, and another 14 as the Senior Educator at the Mutter Museum. She received a BS in Wildlife and Fisheries Science from Penn State, and an elementary education certification from Alvernia University. As of June 2022, Marcy joined the Audubon team as the Senior Coordinator, Conservation Education, teaching school children about the importance of birds and their habitats, about our watershed, climate change, and other environmental topics. She also assists in the care of our resident birds, and has a special place in her heart for Conrad, our Blue Jay. In her spare time, Marcy enjoys caring for her own menagerie of critters, reading, and knitting.

Audubon Maryland-DC and Audubon Pennsylvania have joined forces to become Audubon Mid-Atlantic.