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Replacing Ash Trees

Native trees for a diverse, bird-friendly landscape

As the emerald ash borer makes its way across the 
region, people are struggling with what to do about ash 
trees; adopt an expensive pesticide management 
regiment or act preemptively by removing dead or 
dying ash trees.  Depending on the number of trees and property size, removing and replacing with a non-host 
species might be the best long term solution.  Because 
ash of different species grow in varying conditions, 
there are many other trees to select from when 
replacing.  Below is a list native trees that have 
particular value to birds and your watershed.  Planting a 
variety is better than a “monoculture” and avoiding 
non-native species like Callery pear is key.  Know your 
soil type and exposure and match that with these trees.  
Explore other native trees to bring biodiversity to your property!

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