Audubon Mid-Atlantic applauds the Governor’s decision to appeal the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court’s decision regarding Pennsylvania’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Pennsylvania’s participation in RGGI will open up tens of millions of dollars for participating states' environmental protection and habitat restoration programs each year. Audubon Mid-Atlantic agrees with Governor Josh Shapiro's RGGI work group that "reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Commonwealth is both necessary and inevitable.” We further agree that RGGI is the right approach to reduce emissions and invest in clean, affordable renewable energy.
Greenhouse gas emissions-induced climate change is the greatest threat to birds in Pennsylvania and around the world. RGGI is good for Pennsylvania and good for birds. Implementing RGGI in Pennsylvania will create sources of revenue for investing in habitat protection and natural climate solutions across the state. Proceeds from RGGI will also accelerate the transition to a renewable energy economy, creating jobs in Pennsylvania.
"RGGI offers critical tools for taking on the climate crisis here in Pennsylvania, and will aid in the protection of sensitive bird populations and their habitats. We thank the Governor for taking action to defend RGGI in the courts. RGGI is the ‘all of the above’ energy choice that will reduce pollution, take climate action, and keep Pennsylvania’s economy strong. Audubon celebrates this decision to protect the land and water that so many people and birds rely on,” said Suzanne Biemiller, Director of Audubon Mid-Atlantic. “We thank our partners and members for voicing their support of this important climate and bird action and the Governor for listening.”
Audubon Mid-Atlantic is a regional office of the National Audubon Society. We work to protect birds and the places they need throughout the Americas. In the Mid-Atlantic, we strive to create healthy, climate resilient ecosystems where birds thrive and all people have access to nature and a voice in environmental stewardship.

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