Waggoner’s Gap Hawkwatch

Stewardship Day Success!

On Saturday, October 13, a handful of volunteers convened at the hawkwatch to help clean up and paint!  The morning rains cleared and folks arrived ready to spread stones in the gravel parking lot, paint the storage blockhouse and pick up trash at the rocks.

Audubon staff Eve Webster shows off the shelf unit donated by The Home Depot, Carlisle.

Many thanks to Maryann Skubecz, Jerilynn Millvan, Michael Colechio, Ralph Wright, Susan Boling, Jim Boling, Marty Scott and Adria Olmi for stepping up and making it an afternoon of accomplishment and fun. 

A shout out to the Conodoguinet Creek Watershed Association (CCWA) for promoting the event!  Several of the volunteers were associated with CCWA and were happy to shift their focus from streams to the Ridge and rocks for the day. 

Just like home! The blockhouse now has a table for coffee & food warming for those chilly days on the rocks.

Additionally, kudos to site manager Eve Webster for all of her accomplishments at Waggoner’s Gap! She appealed to The Home Depot in Carlisle who then donated equipment and materials to make life on the rocks easier and safer. The blockhousestorage space is now outfitted with a shelf unit to organize equipment, and a table to hold the coffee pot!  And now it has a new coat of paint on the outside, a fresh palate for future plans for bird & forest artwork.

Vacuum anyone? Michael Colechio and Ralph Wright discover astonishing things among the rocks at Waggoner’s Gap.
Jim Boling replaces his Saturday workout at the gym with spreading stones in the North parking lot.
The storage blockhouse gets a fresh coat of paint (courtesy of The Home Depot, Carlisle) from Adria Olmi, Susan Boling, Jerilynn Millvan and Maryann Skubecz.
This Carlisle 5th grader loved sitting outside and drawing the pollinator garden flowers.

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